My name is Koen Vendrik, an interaction design student with a passion for web design and front-end development who is currently based in Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

In 2013 63% of all adult cell phone users used their phone to go online. Websites I make don't just look good on every device, they adapt to them, and are aimed at offering suitable experiences for every kind of use case.

  • Bijvoet Pensioenadviezen
  • Cobra Café
  • Browserkit.js
  • Jan Dros
People I worked for/with
  • Turnyourhead360
  • Adchix
  • United Fresh
  • Bijvoet Pensioenadvies
  • Jan Dros
  • Cobra Café
  • ITflows
  • Soulsplit
  • Hello China Radio Program
  • Klap Verzekeringen

To achieve suitable user experiences for every device I make use of the newest technologies. Like Responsive-images.js which makes sure your users only load the image sizes they actually need. This is important since big images can have great impact on how fast your website loads.

"Design is context". Design is something you build around good content and not just something you use to make your website more attractive to look at. That's why I aim to design websites that strengthen your content.

Enough about me, what about you? Do you enjoy talking about tech stuff? Or do you just like tea and a good talk? How about we have a chat sometime? Tweet me or leave me your email: